5G Huddle 2018


    The 5th Annual 5G Huddle will take place in Durban, South Africa on 29 & 30 May 2018. Hosted by The Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF) with the support of The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA), this will be the first time a 5G conference of this scale has taken place in the Southern Hemisphere – a very exciting move for the event and for everyone associated with it.

    The world is now less than 2 years away from the first commercial deployment of 5G, and the reality of this new dawn is fast approaching. Against this backdrop, the focus of the 5G Huddle this year will be on ‘5G For All’ and on delivering a 5G infrastructure that meets the needs of all use cases and is fully inclusive including needs of developing countries.

    Day 1 will look at things horizontally, focussing on the countdown to commercial rollout of 5G and at what needs to be done from a policy and business approach to meet the objective of delivering a 5G infrastructure that is ubiquitous and all inclusive. Day 2 will then look in detail at 5G in various vertical markets and contrasting environments. It will discuss what 5G is actually going to mean in practice for different sectors and industries, as well as focussing on 5G in both cities and rural areas and at the difference that it can make in developing regions. 

    Please note this event is free of charge to attend for all delegates. 

    Sessions include:

    Day 1: Continuing the path to an ‘all inclusive’ 5G infrastructure

    • Preparing for the reality of 5G – how ready are regions around the world to start reaping the rewards of 5G?
    • Sessions include:
    • Spectrum strategies to meet connectivity needs for ALL 5G Use cases
    • The 5G journey in Africa – Challenges and Opportunities

    Day 2: 5G in action: implementation and trials across vertical markets Day 1: Continuing the path to an ‘all inclusive’ 5G infrastructure

    • Real-world implementation of 5G – building the business case through trials and pilots
    • Achieving the benefits of 5G in both cities and rural areas – plans and strategies
    • 5G in the health sector – transforming health care and wellbeing
    • 5G and Smart Water Management
    • The role of 5G in delivering a smarter energy and utilities sector
    • E-Government – The role of 5G in enhancing citizen engagement, efficiency, transparency and accountability