FUSE Europe

    The Event for Design & Brand Strategists
    Designing Meaningful Brand Experiences: Creating Engagement, Market Relevance & Meaningful Results

    Create a holistic Brand experience where design elevates the consumer connection. One where brands consider the broader human impact and reimagine the current reality with empathy. Create a brand and story that inspires Excitement Engagement, Emotion, and Exclusivity.

    FUSE Europe: Inspire. Engage. Transform
    Creatives and brand leaders share their passion and make their case for why design must be infused into every element of your organisation. FUSE delivers the strategy & inspiration to create effective design that can drive growth, innovation and advance the overall business strategy.

    This conference will showcase a variety of inspirational and informational keynotes, case studies and workshops that explore the power and impact of design across the entire organisation. Hear how design can be used to create a competitive advantage.

    For over 20 years the FUSE conference has been the leading US design and brand strategy event. Join us as we explore what generates design and brands that are legendary.