ZyXEL energizes fixed LTE CPE market with launch of LTE portfolio


ZyXEL Communications has announced that it will unveil its LTE3301 and LTE3311, two new LTE indoor routers with 150 Mbps downlink and 50 Mbps uplink performance at next month’s Mobile World Congress.

Up until now, service providers looking for powerful LTE devices only had very limited choice in the market and lacked the flexibility to choose between suppliers. Now with the introduction of its competitively priced LTE portfolio, ZyXEL offers a real alternative while at the same time providing comprehensive customization and local support.

The Europe-wide launch of the LTE routers will enable service providers to provide fast and reliable wireless access to any location under FDD-LTE coverage, whether they are looking for a single-mode (LTE only) or multi-mode (LTE + 3G/2G) device. Additionally, some TDD-LTE bands such as former CDMA (450MHz) and WiMAX (3500MHz) are supported, paving the way for operators to migrate to LTE.

Benefits for service providers
The LTE3300 series provides high-performance wireless access, maximizing the freedom of mobility. The new routers respond to the ever-increasing demands for seamless wireless communication required by today’s always-on way of life, video streaming and conference calls, amongst other things. ZyXEL’s LTE3300 series allows service providers with existing LTE infrastructures to cover remote or rural areas where broadband may be unavailable or simply unaffordable. Similarly, any broadband providers with mobile services can enhance their offering with an alternative to rival wired service providers.

The routers’ compact design ensures easy deployment for end-customers in home environments and small businesses. Plus, both models incorporate the TR-069 standard management specifications for service providers to manage and configure client devices remotely without end user intervention. This feature offers a true plug-and-play experience while reducing deployment complexity to help save operating and maintenance costs for service providers. The LTE3311 features SIP (RFC3251-based) VoIP technology, rendering it suitable for IP telephony deployments for small businesses or home users.

ZyXEL’s new LTE3300 series will satisfy a wide range of end customers’ requirements on connectivity whether they are looking for a simple LTE data device (LTE3301) or require complex services (LTE3311) including voice features over IP, 3G/GSM (Circuit Switch Calls) or even, in the