Advancing Internet Infrastructure With Nuvem Cable By Google


Google has unveiled its ambitious plans for a revolutionary transatlantic underwater cable system known as Nuvem. This initiative aims to strengthen Google’s internet infrastructure by establishing connections between Portugal, Bermuda, and the United States. The primary goal of this new project is to enhance network resilience and address the growing demand for digital services.

The Nuvem subsea cable system is poised to play a significant role in diversifying international communication routes, thereby advancing the field of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure across the Atlantic. Google’s announcement is historic in nature, as Nuvem will be the first cable to link Bermuda with Europe, positioning Bermuda as an emerging digital hub.

Walter Roban, Bermuda’s Deputy Premier and Minister of Home Affairs, expressed his enthusiasm for Nuvem, stating that Bermuda had been committed to the submarine cable market for a long time, and they eagerly welcome the Nuvem cable to their rapidly growing digital Atlantic hub.

Portugal, strategically situated in southwest mainland Europe, has gained recognition as a significant hub for subsea cables due to its advantageous geographic location and dedicated efforts to strengthen the digital economy’s infrastructure. Portugal’s Minister of Infrastructure, Joao Galamba, emphasized that Google’s investment aligns with their vision of positioning Portugal as a robust connectivity gateway for Europe.

On the American side, Nuvem will land in South Carolina, further solidifying the state’s position as a thriving technology center. This strategic decision is expected to enhance connectivity and create diverse job opportunities. Nuvem follows the successful landing of the Firmina cable in South Carolina earlier this year, with plans to ultimately connect to Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay.

The Nuvem subsea cable is expected to become operational by 2026, significantly boosting capacity, reliability, and reducing latency for Google users and Google Cloud customers worldwide. Brian Quigley, VP of Global Network Infrastructure at Google Cloud, described this development as a major leap forward in the global internet infrastructure landscape. Nuvem is slated to be ready for service in 2026, promising increased capacity, enhanced reliability, and reduced latency for Google users and Google Cloud customers worldwide, according to Brian Quigley, VP of Global Network Infrastructure at Google Cloud.