Apple May Include Facebook in New iOS 5 Edition


After introducing Twitter on iOS 5, it seems Apple is now planning to integrate Facebook in the new edition of the iOS platform.

The reports of Facebook’s potential integration to the iOS platform started emerging after iMore discovered a reference to Facebook in the iOS 5 beta late last week. The iMore team also came up with a screenshot of the contacts app, with a field left for a Facebook user name. But there are those who suggest the mention of Facebook in the iOS 5 beta does not necessarily mean it will be integrated into the forthcoming version of the iOS.
It is important to note here that both Android and Windows Phone platforms have already integrated social networks, as well as a handful of other online services such as Dropbox into their eco-system. But Apple lagged behind in that race significantly. So it will be nothing unusual on the part of Apple if these speculations are true, and Facebook makes it official entry to the iOS later this year. “Facebook gave Apple quite a boost in 2011. Maybe 2012 is Apple’s turn to return the favor; after all, Twitter has certainly benefited from being featured front and center in iOS,” Emil Protalinski