CallTrackingMetrics Introduces ChatAI Virtual Agent to Improve Overall Customer Experience


CallTrackingMetrics, a global conversation analytics company, today announced the launch of its new feature, ChatAI. ChatAI is the newest entry in CallTrackingMetrics’ suite of AI-powered tools and functions as a virtual agent to open up more ways for businesses to connect with customers and prospects through personalized automation until they are ready to talk to a live agent. 

“With all of the advancements in conversational AI tools, this is the next evolution driven by the need for businesses to do more with less while still prioritizing the customer’s experience,” said Todd Fisher, CEO and co-founder. “Using ChatAI, organizations can streamline interactions and provide personalized support without putting strain on live agents, directly contributing to operational efficiency and business goals no matter the time of day.”

Learning directly from a business’ website and knowledge base, the possibilities with ChatAI are endless and some of the most popular use cases include: 

  • Answering commonly asked questions

  • Addressing basic troubleshooting issues

  • Booking appointments 

  • Accessing helpful resources 

Additional benefits of CTM’s ChatAI tool: 

  • Improves speed to lead with 24/7, immediate response times

  • Scales with you as your organization grows

  • Boosts productivity and cost efficiency

  • Crawls your website, knowledge base, and other platforms for relevant and helpful responses

  • Personalizes conversations as it learns over time 

  • Collects attribution data from chats and automatically shares with your other platforms like Google, Salesforce, and HubSpot

  • Transfers automatically to live agent best suited to meet the chatter’s needs when/if ready 

ChatAI builds on CallTrackingMetrics’ AskAI powered by ChatGPT released in March 2023, which aims to help customers qualify their conversations at scale through intelligent automation and uncover overlooked insights about customers’ preferences and behavior. AskAI takes this actionable data and automates next steps so businesses gain an edge over competitors, personalize the user experience, and make strategic decisions based on their first-party data, not hunches or guesses.