Conterra Networks Launches 400Gb/s Waves Service for Carrier Clients with Ciena


Conterra Networks, a national leader in providing fiber-optic network-based infrastructure and services, is leveraging Ciena’s industry-leading WaveLogic 5 Extreme (WL5e) to deliver 400Gb/s wavelength services to carrier clients in Texas, North Carolina, and Louisiana.

For nearly three decades, Conterra’s professionals have been designing, building, and operating new technology-based telecom networks in the education, healthcare, enterprise, and carrier industries throughout the U.S.

Conterra offers several distinct advantages to its clients. With nodes strategically located in both major cities and mid-markets for middle-mile connectivity, Conterra ensures comprehensive coverage and accessibility. Additionally, being collocated in major data centers, including Dallas and Charlotte, Conterra provides direct and efficient connections to key hubs, enhancing network reliability and performance.

One notable advantage of Conterra’s services is the swift deployment of wave turnups, which are completed in hours rather than weeks. This rapid deployment capability minimizes downtime and accelerates the availability of high-speed connectivity for clients, ensuring business continuity and operational efficiency.

Moreover, Conterra has achieved a remarkable 30% increase in fiber capacity without the need for extensive infrastructure builds. This efficiency allows Conterra to meet the growing demands for bandwidth without significant investments in new infrastructure, translating into cost savings and enhanced scalability for clients.

Mike Padula Jr., Vice President of Carrier, Education, and Partner Sales, at Conterra Networks, said: “I am proud to emphasize our collaboration with Ciena in delivering advanced connectivity solutions to our carrier clients. Ciena’s industry leading WaveLogic 5 Extreme technology underpins our 400Gb/s service, reflecting our dedication to innovation in the telecommunications sector. Together, we are committed to providing businesses with the high-performance network infrastructure necessary for success in today’s digital landscape, with Ciena serving as a cornerstone in powering Conterra’s optical network.”

“At Ciena, our innovation enables customers like Conterra Networks, who are at the heart of everything we do, to leverage existing infrastructure investments, do more with less, and swiftly bring new high-capacity services to market in an environmentally friendly way,” said Kevin Sheehan, CTO of the Americas, Ciena.