Customers tell us why they picked Verizon today


The best customers deserve the best phones on the best network. Today we interviewed customers in our stores from coast to coast and here’s what they’re telling us.

Falguni Kavia was third in line this morning at Tampa’s North Dale Mabry store where she switched three of her lines over to Verizon. She and her son upgraded their smartphones and they also walked away with a brand new tablet. Kavia said, “I was another carrier’s customer for five years but I really had trouble connecting, even in my house. When we moved from New Jersey, my son told me about Verizon and the network and how it works so well. So I said ‘yes, we will go with the best.’“

Staying connected to your family is super important, especially when you live in different states. Roger Kirlin made the switch to Verizon after 20 years with another carrier. He recently placed his father in a nursing home in another state and there was no coverage at that facility, so he decided to switch. He needs to be able to stay in touch with family and work on the road, and happily switched to Verizon.

Everyone has their own mobile lifestyle.  Brendan Kavanaugh, of Golden, Colorado, told us he uses his tablet and phone for work, and to listen to music, watch movies and play games. He says he loves Verizon because of the coverage.

Alex said, “Because when I’m navigating in remote areas, I like to know I can switch destinations without worrying the network won’t allow me to do that.”

Ariana loves Verizon because she works in the mountains. She tells us that “no one gets [wireless] service but me at my job.”

For Chris from Ohio, the reason to switch was easy. When asked “Why Verizon?” he replied with, “it’s the network, plain and simple.”

Being first can be exciting, and strategic. Natalie Mitchell from Nebraska told us she secured her spot in line at 3 a.m. so she could get the color model she wanted – rose gold.

Michael, of Beloit, Wisconsin, arrived at his local store at 4:30 a.m. He was the first customer in line to get his new smartphone and couldn’t wait to use the new camera features for capturing his kid’s special moments.