Eastlink Advances Fiber Expansion in Ontario, Completes Mindemoya Network


Canadian telecommunications company Eastlink announced a milestone in its ongoing fibre expansion work in Ontario. According to the official release, the company has completed the fibre network installation in Mindemoya, a rural community in the region. This expansion is part of the federal government’s Universal Broadband Fund program, aimed at providing high-speed internet access to underserved areas.

Eastlink emphasized the growing demand for reliable internet connectivity in rural communities, making such infrastructure projects crucial. The company expressed pride in Eastlink’s ability to fulfil this demand in Mindemoya and its commitment to extending the service to other communities in Ontario.

Continued Expansion Efforts
Eastlink stated that it continues its expansion of high-speed internet to more unserved and underserved communities in the region. Eastlink plans to deploy approximately 2,500 km of new fibre at an estimated investment of CAD 125 million as part of the Government of Ontario’s Accelerated High-Speed Internet Program. This expansion project includes the communities of Greater Sudbury, Bruce, and Lambton, with ongoing construction underway in Huron.

Connectivity Advancements in Ontario
Over the last decade, Eastlink said the company has invested more than CAD 1 billion, including CAD 180 million in Northern Ontario, to connect thousands of small communities across Canada. The company’s fiber network has played a pivotal role in providing high-speed internet services to its customers.

With the successful completion of the Mindemoya fibre network and the ongoing expansion efforts in other regions, Eastlink continues to expand in more localities, delivering reliable and efficient internet solutions in Ontario and beyond.