FiberTech adopts an innovative approach to boost the digital economy in Jordan


Fiber-based connectivity is emerging as a key driver of economic growth in the post-pandemic era as people carry out more and more tasks on digital platforms. Be it shopping, working, learning or staying in touch with your loved ones, digital platforms have become our preferred mediums for executing professional and personal tasks. Further, it is not possible to deploy fiber in remote and difficult-to-reach areas.

Adopting an Innovation-Oriented Approach

Jordan’s FiberTech has adopted an innovative approach to making fibre-based connectivity to a greater number of people in the country. Founded in 2019, the company is working with the vision of providing access to affordable but quality broadband to every household in the country, irrespective of economic feasibility. It is Jordan’s first wholesale Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) network committed to providing ultrafast internet to Jordanians.

“FiberTech is a collaboration between two industries, the energy industry and the telecommunications industry, because we use legacy electricity poles to bring broadband to every Jordanian home and business in the area where we operate,” says Sami Jarrar, CEO of Jordan FiberTech during an interview with Shaun Collins, Executive Chairman at CCS Insight.

“Another innovative thing about FiberTech is our business model, which is based on infrastructure sharing. We believe this is more cost-effective as well as environment-friendly. Our model is based on the wholesale model. So, as owners of the infrastructure, we enable our clients, who are ISPs and telecom operators, to take care of their customers and provide the best possible service,” he adds.

FiberTech was established as a joint venture between Jordan Electrical Power Company (JEPCO) and Umniah Mobile Company. FiberTech provides reliable connectivity at affordable rates and endeavours to connect 1.4 million homes and enterprise premises in Amman, Zarqa, Madaba and Balqa. FiberTech signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Huawei to boost the infrastructure and operational efficiency of its network.

Focusing on Marketing and Training to Maintain a Business Edge

Besides engineering and technology, the company is also focusing on carrying out promotions and marketing campaigns to deliver delight to the users.

“Apart from engineering and technology, it is the promotions with which we approach the public. We know the means of the public. So, we make propositions that are balanced so that the end user can enjoy the benefits of broadband,” says Sami Jarrar.

The outbreak of the pandemic made people aware of the vast potential of broadband as people were dependent on using digital infrastructure for professional as well as personal tasks. This awareness created a strong foundation for FiberTech to create relevant products for its customers.

FiberTech also believes in providing required continuous training and exposure opportunities to its employees to ensure the company continues to innovate and is always able to maintain a competitive edge.

Setting Robust Foundation for Economic Growth

Commenting on the value FiberTech brings for the economic progress of the country, Sami Jarrar says, “If we’re talking about digitization today, we’re talking not just about the digitization of services provided by the private sector, but also about the services delivered by the government. And for digitization to become a reality, broadband has to become itself a reality. Broadband has to be at the fingertips of all users of these services. Unless people have access to quality broadband, digitization cannot fly. So, we see ourselves as enablers for the digitization drive within our aspiring country.”

As the digital economy continues to move from strength to strength, FiberTech is playing a crucial role in improving the digital infrastructure of Jordan. This will lead to the overall social and economic growth of the country while enabling Jordanians to grow their profile in the all-pervasive digital economy.