Huawei’s New Switches Help Enterprise Users Build a New Generation of IT Network Architecture


Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology solutions provider, announced that it has unveiled a number of new switches (series S7700, S6700, S5700, S3700, S2700, and S1700) for enterprise users. These switches leverage the industry’s best switching technologies and offer innovative, environmentally friendly, power-efficient solutions in addition to providing enriched functions and features. The innovative designs of these switches help accommodate the diverse demands of enterprise users, offering a new, future-proof IT network architecture.

Driven by the fast-growing IT application demands of enterprise users, Huawei developed these new switches to include powerful processing capabilities as well as state-of-the-art reliability, security, and environment-awareness technologies. Due in part to their easy installation, these innovative switches allow for facilitated network planning, buildout, and maintenance. Running on the versatile routing platform (VRP) of Huawei’s network operating system, these new switches offer enterprise users superb future-proof scalability. In addition, these switches employ an array of innovative technologies to reduce power consumption, enabling enterprises to operate in a more energy-efficient manner.

“The increasing use of virtualization, VoIP, video and Web 2.0 applications is changing traffic patterns on enterprise networks, requiring greater reliability, performance and flexibility from LAN switches. At the same time, the need for greater power efficiency and lower TCO is driving a new generation of switching architectures,” said Paula Musich, senior analyst at Current Analysis. “In the healthy Ethernet switching market, vendors that provide the right mix of performance, price and feature richness will end up on enterprise buyers’ short lists as they prepare for network upgrades,” she added.

Liu Shaowei, president of Huawei’s Enterprise Networking Business Unit, said, “The IT system of an enterprise is becoming increasingly important, and associated IT applications are undergoing dramatic changes. Due to its extensive experience in the data communication segment, Huawei recognizes the growing importance of the IT system and has anticipated its evolution. In light of this, the launch of Huawei’s new switches coincides with the growing willingness of enterprises to set up a next-generation IT network architecture. In order to offer enterprise users premium products and services, Huawei will continue developing innovative enterprise networking products and solutions.”

To date, Huawei has delivered more than four million sets of switches and nearly one million sets of routers, which are widely used in the telecommunications, finance, transportation, power supply, education, and oil industries. Huawei switches and routers provide services for two billion users around the world.