Kinetic Boosts Fiber Installation Quality With Resi-Plow Method


US-based fibre broadband provider Kinetic said it is investing in small drop plows to reduce the impact of fibre installations on neighbourhoods. The company said it has enhanced its fibre installation quality through the acquisition of over 50 small drop plows, totalling an estimated USD 2 million investment.

Minimising Disruption
Kinetic said it had adopted the Residential Plow method in 2022, prioritising high-quality, customer-focused construction, and this ‘Resi-Plow’ method addresses the challenge of upgrading fiber optic availability in established neighbourhoods, particularly those with significant landscaping or those governed by community associations.

“In the past, fibre optic cable installation methods have typically required larger construction machines and materials, more open trenches, and more time,” said Kinetic Construction Optimisation. “Our Resi-Plow technology, however, introduces fibre optic cable into the ground through an incredibly small tube, ‘micro-duct’ – something about the size of a crayon – significantly reducing the impact on established areas and landscapes.”

Efficient Repair Processes
Moreover, Resi-Plow facilitates quicker repairs, minimising customer downtime in case of fibre optic cable damage. This efficiency translates into broader accessibility of fibre internet within Kinetic’s service areas, the company said.

The Resi-Plow method represents ensuring minimal use of natural resources, soil disturbance, and more efficient installation and repair processes, explained the company.

“Traditional cable and duct used within a subdivision can weigh up to 400 pounds per 1,000 feet, whereas the miniaturized fibre optic cable and micro-duct laid by our drop plows weigh just 40 pounds per 1,000 feet,” Kinetic Construction Optimisation added. “The smaller material leads to smaller transportation and construction vehicles and equipment.”

Kinetic, a Windstream company, offers fibre-based broadband to residential and small business customers in 18 states.