Motorola Defy+ JCB edition on sale


Motorola’s Defy+ was already a manly, rugged phone, built to be tough as well as water, scratch and dust resistant.

But now the Defy+ has got even more macho, with the introduction of a JCB edition of the smartphone. It doesn’t come with a small digger arm on the rear of the handset, but it does have a rather funky JCB logo, and a new tougher outer skin to make it less likely to be damaged when dropped.
There are also a number of apps on board which should be helpful for builders and amateur DIY enthusiasts across the country. These include a theodolite, spirit level, torch and a decibel reader, along with a B&Q store locator.
The warranty on the handset has also been doubled up from 12 months to two years. Tech specs include a 3.7 inch gorilla glass display, 1GHz processor, a 5 megapixel camera with auto-focus and flash, 2GB of memory and a higher capacity battery than the original Defy.
Online retailer Clove has announced that the Defy+ JCB edition is now on sale at £239 sim-free. On the retailer’s blog page, Clove also announced that the Motorola Defy Mini is due for launch towards the end of next month, although that may slip to the start of March.
The Mini is now available for pre-order at £175, and is also water, dust and scratch resistant with 3.2 inch gorilla glass display. It has a 600MHz processor, along with twin cameras, the main snapper being a 3 megapixel unit.