NETSCOUT Enhances the OneTouch AT G2 Network Tester with New Wi-Fi Features


NETSCOUT SYSTEMS, INC , a market-leader in business assurance a powerful combination of service assurance and security solutions announced it has enhanced its OneTouch AT G2 Network Tester with new Wi-Fi features.

NETSCOUT’s v5 firmware release gives the OneTouch AT powerful new troubleshooting capabilities, enabling technicians and network engineers to quickly and easily validate performance of high capacity Wi-Fi networks where numerous access points are required, such as at stadiums, theme parks, malls, etc. The new firmware also allows OneTouch AT users to accurately pin-point the physical location of interfering sources.

“With the rapid pace of digital transformation taking place today, companies are spending to ensure their data centers are fail safe, but all too frequently the area that impacts every application in the enterprise the most, user access networks, is an afterthought,” explained Daryle DeBalski, senior vice president, NETSCOUT. “The release of NETSCOUT’s v5 firmware for the OneTouch AT G2 Network Tester addresses both wireline and Wi-Fi user access issues by providing faster, simpler and more accurate validation, isolation and troubleshooting of access network connectivity and performance.”

Available through NETSCOUT’s CONNECT360 global channel partner program, the OneTouch AT G2 Network Tester offers both wired and wireless troubleshooting. As more and more end devices, including Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices, rely on Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity, the OneTouch AT’s enhanced capability to test connections and support access network, helps identify and resolve issues faster, and dramatically improve the user experience.

The OneTouch AT now has the ability to distinguish between 802.11 and non-802.11 signal sources in each channel.  Non-802.11 is a silent killer of bandwidth that causes serious, intermittent, slow Wi-Fi performance.  The newly enhanced OneTouch AT can detect and classify the type of non-802.11 interferer, such as Bluetooth, microwave or other sources in the 2.4GHz & 5GHz bands, thus allowing field technicians to isolate the cause and work to mitigate the issue.

OneTouch AT comes with free access to the Link-Live Cloud Service, a centralized management, collaboration and archival workspace for network connectivity test results.  Link-Live provides an easy-to-use dashboard for better collaboration, reporting and results management.

“The enhancements to the OneTouch AT G2 Network Tester fill a gap that has been missing for front-line technicians and network engineers,” concluded DeBalski. “Freeware apps and other purpose-built testers available today lack critical test and reporting capabilities. And without access to a results management repository, such as Link-Live, means it is difficult for them to facilitate collaborative testing. OneTouch AT is a dedicated, automated, handheld tool that makes wired and wireless troubleshooting simple, accurate and highly collaborative.”

Benefits of the OneTouch AT G2 Network Tester include:

  • Simultaneously document wired and Wi-Fi network connectivity and health
  • Validate performance and SLA of WAN and Intranet links
  • Validate application connectivity and response times
  • Identify and locate rogue DHCP servers and APs/clients
  • Capture packets over wired or Wi-Fi to troubleshoot application issues
  • Conduct inline VoIP analysis to isolate issues
  • To walk through the most common use cases, visit the OneTouch AT G2 Network Tester virtual demo page.

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