Nokia Lumia 710 to arrive January?


More budget friendly Nokia WP7 handset could land in four weeks time.

We’ve just had the launch of Nokia’s new Windows Phone handsets kick off last month with the flagship Lumia 800.But if you cast your mind back to Nokia’s initial announcement in October, two phones were promised to begin with, the 800 and the Lumia 710.
The Lumia 710 is the more affordable, budget oriented offering for WP7, and all we were told initially was that it would be brought out early in 2012.However, it could potentially be arriving very early in 2012 – in fact, in the first week of the new year. At least according to one online retailer which Unwired View spotted the phone’s listing on. reckon that the Lumia 710 will be on sale come January 6th, or at least that stock is “due” on that day.Of course, this is just one online retailer – if multiple sources were citing the first week of January, we’d be more inclined to believe it. As it is, this is likely a guess. The retailer hasn’t listed what the phone will be priced at, either.
Having said that, it would certainly be in Nokia’s interest to get its more wallet friendly handset out as quickly as possible in 2012.Currently, depending on which analyst you believe, the Lumia 800 is selling through fairly well, or is struggling a bit – although it’s definitely shifting some numbers.
The Lumia 710 may prove a more attractive proposition to the cash-strapped as it should come in at around the £250 mark sim-free, considerably cheaper than the 800 which is £400.Spec-wise, the 710 comes with the same 1.4GHz processor and 3.7 inch display as the 800, but there have been cuts made elsewhere such as the camera being dropped down to 5 megapixels.