Orange Poland Launches SOS Band for Enhanced Safety and Health Monitoring


Orange Poland (Polska) has introduced an SOS band connected to the 4G LTE Network, with the telco claiming it to be the only operator offering such a product in the Polish market. Orange Polska says the solution helps take care of the safety of people in need of constant care and health monitoring, including telecare services to provide support to a person in need.

Orange is offering a complete product, which includes an SOS (emergency) band with a SIM card along with the service in the form of applications for mobile devices. Using the application, the guardian can monitor the status, check health parameters, and access more functions. Orange says the SOS band was developed based on its requirements and has passed Orange Labs certification.

SOS bands can be purchased in all Orange Polska stores and online, while in select stores, customers can even test the device before buying. Describing the SOS Band, Orange Poland says it looks like a regular band but will be helpful in increasing safety for users in need. Users using the band have an SOS button, while the guardian monitoring will receive a notification in case of a fall as the band has a fall sensor.

Comprehensive Health Monitoring
The band can be used to perform remote measurements of the most important vital signs, including blood pressure, temperature, pulse, and saturation. Additional features include designating safety zones, locating a person with GPS accuracy, calling the person using the SOS band with the built-in SIM card, and more features.

The inauguration ceremony was officiated by Mr. Long, CEO of Huawei Indonesia, and attended by dignitaries including Dr. Ir. Ismail MT, Director General of Resources Management and Equipment of Posts and Informatics, Ministry of Communication and Informatics; Indra Mardiatna, Telkomsel Director of Network; Derrick Heng, Telkomsel Marketing Director; Mahendra Rianto, Chairman of the Indonesian Logistics Association; and representatives from Bandung Institute of Technology, Telkom University, and other representatives from industry partners.

Director General Dr. Ir. Ismail MT emphasized, “Huawei’s 5G Smart Warehouse stands as both a wake-up call and a quintessential model for the ecosystem, demonstrating the immediate and seamless integration of 5G technology into digitalization efforts. This integration evidently yields innovative solutions that extend benefits beyond the logistics sector to a multitude of industries. Such advancements are attainable solely through the concerted efforts of all stakeholders, united in the pursuit of accelerating the nation’s digital transformation.”

Mr. Long, CEO of Huawei Indonesia, highlighted Huawei’s commitment to supporting the government and industry players to unlock Indonesia’s digital opportunities. “At last year’s Solo 5G summit, together with industry partners, we pledged to boost the 5G ecosystem. The 5G Smart Warehouse is a testament to the value that 5G technology can bring to traditional industries in Indonesia,” he stated.

Indra Mardiatna, Telkomsel Director of Network remarked, “Aligned with Indonesia’s vision of pioneering innovations that propel the nation’s advancement, Telkomsel remains steadfast in its commitment to deliver superior connectivity, pioneering solutions, and inventive services designed to foster empowerment and catalyze expansive opportunities for entrepreneurial growth within the country. We are optimistic that the deployment of the 5G Smart Warehouse alongside the 5G Innovation Center’s conceptual solutions will inaugurate a transformative era for professionals within the logistics sector, particularly by enhancing managerial competencies and amplifying the operational efficacy of warehousing systems. With the unwavering support of the government, courtesy of the Ministry of Communication and Information, and through synergistic partnerships with stakeholders including Huawei, industry associations, and the academic community, Telkomsel pledges to persist in championing the rapid evolution of Indonesia’s digital commerce and economic landscape, with a focus on inclusive and sustainable progress”

The digital economy, which is expected to be a major catalyst for Indonesia’s economy in the future, requires the backing of an efficient and effective logistics industry. Based on data from the Ministry of National Development Planning/Bappenas, Indonesia’s logistics costs have decreased from 23.5% to 14.29% of gross domestic product by 2023.

Premium Telecare Services
Orange says the service is available in two variants: standard and premium. The premium option has a telecare service, i.e., connections to the Emergency Medical Center, where paramedics are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide support to a person in need and more functions. In the standard option, customers can set one safety zone, and the history of location and health results are available for 90 days.

The premium variant costs PLN 72, while the standard option comes with PLN 22. Orange customers receive the first 3 months of service complimentary for PLN 0. The band can be purchased in instalments for PLN 27 per month for 2 years.