Singtel Adds Starlink Satellite Connectivity to Its Maritime Portfolio of Services


Singaporean telecommunications company Singtel has announced a partnership with Starlink to enhance its maritime digital offerings. The collaboration aims to drive the adoption of digital solutions by ship owners and operators, allowing them to leverage advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), 5G, edge computing, and access cloud-based solutions, to improve safety, operational efficiencies, and crew well-being.

Integration of Starlink’s Satellites
Singtel will integrate Starlink’s satellites into its maritime digital solutions, specifically into its iSHIP platform, which includes Paragon—a platform for 5G edge computing and cloud services. Starlink is the first low Earth orbit (LEO) broadband service to be added to Singtel’s portfolio for vessels.

The partnership is expected to provide enhanced connectivity and low-latency capabilities for ship operators, enabling real-time data analysis. This will lead to increased productivity, reduced fuel consumption costs, and improved operational maintenance, according to the official release.

Multi-Orbit Strategy
“The maritime industry is a complex, interconnected environment involving large volumes of data being transmitted between thousands of terminals, ships, and ports across the world. We have seen growing demands for faster, more resilient, and low-latency connectivity as the industry starts to embrace digital transformation,” said Singtel.

“The addition of Starlink to our existing suite of satellite communications solutions, orchestrated by our patented Paragon platform, is part of our multi-orbit strategy to increase the resilience of satellite connectivity in the industry and to enable the rapid adoption of digital technologies and solutions.”

Global Coverage
Singtel said as the only telco in the Southeast Asian region featuring a multi-band satellite network, including both LEO and geostationary orbit (GEO) offerings, customers can be assured that their ships and crew will stay connected even in the most demanding maritime conditions.

Singtel highlighted that Starlink, with over 5,000 satellites in its constellation, can provide global maritime coverage for vessels of all sizes, delivering up to 220 Mbps download speed—easily capable of supporting fleet management, remote monitoring, and navigation.

All-in-one maritime service
Singtel also mentioned that ship operators and their crew can access a complete managed service experience with the integration of Starlink’s services with Singtel iSHIP and Paragon, along with its exclusive customer care plan.