SK Telecom is developing 5G solutions for smart power plants


SK Telecom has announced it’s collaborating with Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power to develop 5G solutions for smart energy plants. Both companies are South Korea’s largest in their respective fields.

Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power will initially adopt SK Telecom’s Digital Twin technology. Digital Twin virtualises assets into software and provides simulations to get accurate information about the current state of assets, productivity, behaviour scenarios.etc

Jae Hoon-Chung, President of Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power, said: “We are expecting to increase the safety of nuclear power, as well as its energy efficiency, by combining the technology of the fourth ‘industrial revolution’ with synergy in the framework of SK Telecom.”

The partners also plan to develop solutions that can be exported to overseas markets and applied to new energy technologies.

Jung-Ho Park, CEO of SK Telecom, commented:

“The synergy of SK Telecom ICT Technology and Korea Hydro-nuclear energy technology is expected to make a new leap in the national energy industry.

This convention will be able to create new achievements, such as the development of energy new business and the entry into overseas markets.”

Following the rollout of its 5G network, SK Telecom has announced a string of partnerships making use of the latest generation’s capabilities.

In April, SK Telecom announced it’s developing military training programs which combine 5G with technologies such as VR to provide realistic simulations.

In May, the Seoul government announced SK Telecom would be installing 5G Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) on buses and cabs to develop a real-time HD map in preparation for autonomous vehicles.

Earlier this month, SK Telecom announced a collaboration with Cisco and Samsung to develop 5G smart office solutions. SK Telecom will provide 5G infrastructure, Samsung is bringing enterprise-grade handsets and Knox security, while Cisco is supplying network solutions.

Those who question whether 5G is worth the investment only need to look at what SK Telecom is doing. South Korea’s largest operator is currently setting the pace for real-life 5G applications.