Sony Xperia S Features Access to Russian Satellite System, GLONASS


Sony’s entry into the smartphone market was announced a few days back with the introduction of Xperia S, without the Ericsson name attached.

No doubt the device has managed to impress many with its sophisticated specs and sleek look.This smartphone happens to be the first device in the Xperia line equipped with a dual core processor. According to new reports, the device also boasts of a certain feature that perhaps no other devices can – the Xperia S will be compatible with GLONASS – the Russian equivalent to GPS.
It is worth mentioning here that as of now, the GPS system comprises of 31 satellites, out of which, only 3 are required to pin point your precise location. While 3 out of 31 may not seem like a big – under many circumstances it becomes impossible for a GPS enabled device to access even 3 of them.
But the Xperia S will be able to access an additional 24 satellites that GLONASS has, reports ZDNet.
Other than a dual core processor and GLONASS support, the device also features a sophisticated 4.3 inch Reality Display with resolution of 1280 x 720p, a 1080p camera at the rear, and 720p camera at the front, NFC compatibility and much more.