Sumo Logic Selects StackRox to Protect Its Cloud-Native Applications and Services


StackRox, the leader in container and Kubernetes security, announced that Sumo Logic, a leading continuous intelligence and big data provider, has tapped the StackRox Kubernetes Security Platform to deliver compliance and security capabilities for its containerized, cloud-native applications and services. Sumo Logic enables more than 2,000 cloud companies and big enterprises with real-time data insights as a service and must keep those customers’ sensitive data protected on its cloud platform running on AWS. The StackRox Kubernetes-native solution provides Sumo Logic with the security, compliance, and transparency it needs to stay safe while delivering innovative customer solutions at DevOps pace.

“Instead of having to piece together several different solutions, our DevOps and security teams chose StackRox for visibility and control of our cloud-native applications across build, deploy, and runtime,” said George Gerchow, chief security officer, Sumo Logic. “StackRox’s Kubernetes-native architecture provides several important advantages to operationalize security at scale, including ease of deployment, richer context to prioritize issues, out-of-the-box policies, and leveraging Kubernetes’ built-in controls for policy enforcement.”

Sumo Logic’s continuous intelligence solutions are used across every major business sector, from financial services to healthcare, government to manufacturing. The StackRox focus on Kubernetes helps Sumo Logic’s DevOps and security teams operationalize security across the following use cases:

  • Vulnerability management – StackRox delivers advanced vulnerability management that supports Sumo Logic’s philosophy to enforce security policies across the entire lifecycle based on vulnerability information at build time with CI/CD pipeline integration, at deploy time using dynamic admission control, and at runtime with its Kubernetes-native enforcement.
  • Compliance – StackRox provides continuous and on-demand controls that Sumo Logic needs to support and demonstrate compliance with a multitude of industry standards including CIS Benchmarks for Docker and Kubernetes and NIST SP 800-190.
  • Configuration management – Sumo Logic uses StackRox to proactively identify misconfigurations across images, containers, clusters, Kubernetes, and network policies, preventing accidental exposures.
  • Threat detection – Sumo Logic uses the rules, whitelists, and behavioral modeling in the StackRox platform to find and prevent suspicious or malicious activity across Sumo’s environments.
  • Risk profiling – StackRox leverages Sumo Logic’s Kubernetes deployment details to assess risk across its entire environment and stack-rank its assets by risk to focus remediation efforts.

“Sumo Logic’s success as a digital disruptor in the analytics space derives from its feature velocity, which containers and Kubernetes help enable,” said Kamal Shah, CEO, StackRox. “Sumo needs security that runs at DevOps speed so it can ingest massive volumes of customer data, apply ML and other techniques to reveal business insights to those customers, simultaneously keeping all that data protected. The Kubernetes-native container security we provide is the perfect complement to Sumo’s cloud-native architecture as well as its DevOps and security workflows.”

About StackRox

StackRox helps enterprises secure their containers and Kubernetes environments at scale. StackRox delivers the industry’s first and only Kubernetes-native container security platform that enables security and DevOps teams to operationalize security and compliance policies across the entire container life cycle, from build to deploy to runtime. StackRox customers span cloud-native companies, Global 2000 enterprises, and government agencies. StackRox is privately held, with headquarters in Mountain View, CA.