T-Systems wins deal to manage mainframe infrastructure for KMD


T-Systems has been selected to operate the mainframe infrastructure of Danish IT service provider KMD from 2025. The contract is the largest T-Systems has yet won in Denmark, and is set to last for seven years with the option to extend.

While T-Systems handles the operation and maintenance of KMD’s mainframes, KMD will be able to focus on developing and delivering its software and services in order to digitize Denmark’s public sector.

“Quality, stability, and security are becoming increasingly important to our business customers,” said Ferri Abolhassan, CEO of T-Systems and member of the board of Deutsche Telekom.

“That’s exactly what we want to offer KMD so that they can fully unleash their potential and continue to drive the digitalization of the Danish public sector. This deal is the largest so far for T-Systems in Denmark and emphasizes our commitment in the Nordics. We appreciate the trust placed in us.”

According to T-Systems, the company continues to see demand for mainframe services and competencies. Mainframe computers are typically used by large organizations and are often dedicated to mission-critical applications, for example tasks such as enterprise resource planning or large-scale transaction processing. Mainframes are able to process large amounts of data from high-speed storage devices.

In 2019, KMD became part of NEC Group, a company that focuses on the integration of IT and network technologies. KMD has extensive experience in the public sector and with government technologies.

“It has been of great importance to us that our mainframe environment will continue to be in safe hands going forward. At the same time, it is crucial that our suppliers have strong values that match ours – with a focus on reliability, security, and sustainability. In T-Systems, we have found a strong European-based partner with a solid foundation to provide sustainable and stable end-to-end services,” said Per Johansson, CEO of KMD.

T-Systems, founded in 2000, is an international operating service provider for IT and digital transformation. The company is part of Deutsche Telekom and is headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany.