Telecom FiberCorp Introduces Two New Solutions with IBM Security Technology


Telecom FiberCorp, a leader in technology solutions for companies and public organizations, announced that it will offer two IBM Security products for the first time as part of its cybersecurity solutions to help clients protect and secure the access to confidential information. Offerings include IBM Security Guardium, a data security technology, and IBM Security Trusteer, which offers fraud detection and continuous risk-based authentication of digital identities.

The two solutions are the first IBM Security technologies to be offered by Telecom FiberCorp, after the commercial agreement signed between Telecom FiberCorp and IBM and which aims to continue promoting the launch of new products based on advanced technologies such as Security, Cloud, IoT and Artificial Intelligence, among others.

Guardium offers a comprehensive suite of products designed to help customers protect their sensitive data in hybrid multicloud environments and preserve privacy. Guardium enables customers to centralize security management of their data environments, quickly and easily demonstrate regulatory compliance, expose potential risks, and accelerate response. Guardium integrates with IBM Cloud Pak for Security and IBM Cloud Pak for Data to extend data security, threat analysis, and compliance reporting to cloud-native platforms, bringing together disparate teams and tools with an open approach to the collection and exchange of information. This enables organizations to unify their investigation efforts and accelerate the speed and accuracy of their risk mitigation and remediation actions.

Trusteer is a platform that offers continuous digital identity protection and context-based authentication that helps quickly enable a remote workforce, with confidence and security. The cloud-based solution helps detect compromised devices and credentials, backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning. The benefits of hiring this platform is that it does not require installation in devices or data center, since the solution detects threats in real time and is linked to existing SOC services.

With state-of-the-art technologies and highly qualified professionals in Cybersecurity from Telecom FiberCorp, these security solutions are provided that will allow companies to continue operating in this new scenario and accelerate their digital transformation.

The objective of the commercial agreement between Telecom FiberCorp and IBM is to take advantage of the technology and experience of both companies to develop best-in-class solutions. The collaboration will combine IBM hybrid cloud technologies, security, artificial intelligence with the infrastructure of Telecom FiberCorp’s Data Centers, its Security Operations Center (SOC) and the Cybersecurity team, among other areas.

Telecom FiberCorp currently has the most extensive fixed-mobile network in the country, and offers, through its World Class quality certified data centers, cloud solutions to protect and guarantee access to information from any device, at any time or place , and provides technological solutions to more than 170,000 large, medium and small companies and public organizations.

About Telecom:
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