Vodafone 4G & 5G landed at Edinburgh Airport


Vodafone customers using and working at Edinburgh Airport are starting to enjoy stronger and faster 5G and 4G following the installation of dedicated mobile phone coverage.

The improvements, led by leading in-building solution supplier Exchange Communications, will ensure Vodafone customers, who make up approximately 14 million passengers who use the airport each year, benefit from both fast mobile data speeds and better call quality in departure, arrival and across the airport terminal.

Meanwhile, businesses in and around the airport will be able to take advantage. Whilst airport employees with Vodafone devices will benefit from the improvements, the introduction of ultrafast Vodafone 5G will also ensure the airport infrastructure has the technology needed to support a range of services – from contactless check-in to digital passport controls – if required.

Vodafone’s ongoing network improvement programme yields stronger signal, faster speeds and greater capacity for visitors and locals alike at holiday destinations across the UK.

Denis McIlroy, Head of IT at Edinburgh Airport said: “Whether it is tracking your flight, sending that important email, joining a virtual meeting or simply staying in touch with family and friends you are going or coming to visit, connectivity to reliable 4G and 5G is really important so it’s great to have enhanced that provision at Scotland’s busiest airport. Our work with Vodafone will also allow us to continue to make improvements for passengers behind the scenes and deliver a smooth and seamless journey through the airport.” 

Tom Sime, CEO of Exchange Communications, said: “Airports are a pivotal part of the UK economy and having deployed 4G & 5G at Edinburgh Airport it now benefits from the reliable wireless connectivity of 5G. This project will benefit from enhanced connectivity, resulting in faster connections and quicker streaming for passengers but it will also help enhance the technology working behind the scenes to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the airport. Airports have an ecosystem of companies and business who interact with them, jointly delivering services which will benefit from the connectivity of 5G for fast reliable production, intralogistics with full flexibility for future Smart Building technologies and IOT.”