Xinapse, a Korean AI Startup, Scaling AI Solutions in the Global Market


Xinapse, a member of the Born2Global Centre, a Korean generative AI startup that planning to enter the U.S. publishing market and will participate in the upcoming CES exhibition in Las Vegas in 2023.

Founded in 2017, Xinapse is a generative AI technology-based startup that possesses Korea’s highest level of AI voice technology, leading the commercialization of high quality AI voice for corporate services in various fields such as Metaverse, audiobook, TV commercial, News, navigation guide through AI voice variation technology. In particular, the company became notable when it produced an audio bible of the full 130,000 characters simply from the 40 minute data of the pastor that was recorded on mobile. At this CES, Xinapse is proud to present “HyperReal Voice”, an AI voice content generator SaaS equipped with an AI voice engine.

“HyperReal Voice” is software for professionals that can easily and quickly create customized AI virtual voice content. Customers can easily create natural, human-like ‘hyper-realistic’ AI voices by simply entering text, If necessary, customers can create completely new and never-existed voice by adjusting various voice characteristic factors or synthesizing the voices of several people into one to create a unique voice for the company. Even the voice of the deceased can be reproduced. It has been applied to various industries such as animation, TV commercials, audiobooks, metaverses, and broadcasting media.

Through the partnerships with churches, pastors, and related organizations in South Korea, Xinapse is currently producing audio bibles and audiobooks with the pastor’s AI voice of books written by them, and these contents are available in our original service solution called ‘Biblely’. In order to enter the US market, we first plan to publish within the US christian publishing market by producing AI audio bible and audibooks of the voices of Korean-American pastors that are affiliated with churches located in South Korea.

In addition, Xinapse, launch and Vietnam by establishing a joint venture in Vietnam and plans to expand further into the market.

In its expansion phase, backed by a joint venture established with a local partner, the company seeks to combine various AI engine applications to create use cases in Vietnam. Also, the company aims to develop and scale local Vietnamese speech data while providing job opportunities for Vietnamese people.

“We’re delighted to establish Xinapse Vietnam to tap into this growing market. Our global expansion is a key step in proving our competitiveness by reaching a broader customer base,” said Dong-Won Joo, CEO of Xinapse.

In the future, through AI voice technology research, we plan to launch services with various partners in industries such as audiobook, advertisement/marketing, music, and deather care service. Currently, PoC has been completed for the production of clipbook with Disney Korea, and the technology has been under discussion with many other publishers and churches of Korea. Hence, in 2023, we expect to share more audiobooks made from our technology. Additionally, we plan to expand T-Map and AI voice navigation by building a location based AI voice advertising platform, and producing AI music in collaboration with music platform company, metaverse company, and broadcasting company. Lastly, we plan to launch a new type of commemorating service integrating AI voice contents with Memorial Park operating company.