YouTube gets 4 billion views per day


Google has been boasting about the ever increasing popularity of its online video platform.

Posting on its blog page, the company announced that YouTube now receives 4 billion video views per day. That’s equivalent to 46,300 video clips being fired up every second, and it’s up 25% on the figure announced eight months ago. Indeed, as Google notes, it means that on average more than half of the world’s population watches one YouTube video per day.
And the rest probably don’t own a computer…
The other big statistic being brandished about is the amount of video now being uploaded to YouTube, some 60 hours of video every minute. That’s an hour per second, a statistic which is up even more at 30% on eight months ago.
Indeed, back in 2010 the figure was less than half that at 24 hours of video uploaded per minute. It has helped that YouTube has spread itself over an increasing number of devices, from set top boxes and new 
smart TVs to the app for the Xbox.
To illustrate the concept of an hour’s worth of video being put on the site every second, Google has knocked up a web page measuring the length of time it takes for various activities (such as the growth of bamboo) in terms of ‘YouTube upload hours’. 
YouTube recently underwent a major redesign, being graced with a new home page and a fresh system of 
channels. However, the prevalence of cute kitty video clips of one form or another still remains.