ZTE will get fair treatment in US-China’s commerce ministry

China has expressed hope that ZTE who is facing FBI probe for allegedly selling banned US computer equipment to Iran, would receive fair and proper treatment from the United States, reports Reuters.

Shen Danyang, spokesman of China’s Commerce Ministry, told a news conference that China has kept open and transparent relations with Iran and groundless criticisms of relations between the two countries are unfair.
According to a Reuters report, the company could face steep fines and restrictions on its US operations if it is found to have illegally sold US computer products to Iran.
The FBI has opened a criminal investigation into ZTE Corp over the Chinese company’s sale of banned U.S. computer equipment to Iran and its alleged subsequent attempts to cover it up and obstruct a Department of Commerce probe.
According to a report “Officials with ZTE allegedly began plotting to cover up details of the Iranian deal after Reuters reported on the transaction in late-March. The news agency revealed that the telecom equipment sold to Iran was a “powerful surveillance system capable of monitoring landline, mobile, and Internet communications.” Included in the material sent to Iran were products manufactured by U.S. firms like Microsoft, Oracle, Cisco Systems, Dell, and Symantec.”