Accedian and Reliance Jio win Global Telecom Business Award For 4G Network Monitoring in India


Accedian, Accedian, the end-to-end network performance expert, and Reliance Jio, the ground-breaking 4G greenfield operator in India, have won a Global Telecoms Business Innovation Award, in the ‘Infrastructure Innovation’ category.

This year’s winners were announced on May 23 at an awards dinner in London, as part of the annual Global Telecoms Business (GTB) Telecoms Innovation Summit.

The winning project, completed in December 2016, was motivated by India’s growing demand for data and the increasing need for next generation networks to deliver it. The evolution from 3G to 4G (and eventually 5G) requires more than just an increase in capacity for operators’ networks. The complexity of these new networks requires automation, deep machine learning, and continuous feedback to ensure that every subscriber, application, and device is connected to the network at all times.

Accedian’s SkyLIGHT solution is the telecom industry’s first fully virtualized performance assurance platform. Reliance Jio has integrated the SkyLIGHT solution in its Jio Coverage Platform (JCP), an innovative solution developed in-house by Reliance Jio. JCP is a real-time big data analytics platform, which Reliance uses for predictive network operations across its nationwide LTE network of more than 100,000 base stations. On a daily basis, the highly scalable JCP system ingests more than 100 terabytes of performance management, alarm, and configuration management data from RAN, core and IP network elements, as well as data from network probes and customer devices. The JCP system performs automatic correlation and data analytics with machine learning algorithms to provide real-time insights about network coverage, capacity and quality to help deliver a superb customer experience.

SkyLIGHT provides network functions virtualization (NFV)-based, standards-based monitoring and remote packet capture, which is necessary to provide real-time, network-wide visibility into QoE (quality of experience) and performance. The roll-out of Accedian’s solution—completed in less than 10 weeks, thanks to SkyLIGHT’s agile deployment and high scalability—has also provided Reliance Jio with more network capacity and the ability to launch attractive, revenue-generating applications, such as mobile broadcast video.

“This award highlights our commitment to delivering the best mobile connectivity in India and the best user experience for our subscribers, using the latest innovative technologies like virtualized network performance monitoring,” said Tareq Amin, SVP Technology Development and Automation, Reliance Jio. “Our work with Accedian has played a significant part in enabling Jio to deliver high-quality 4G services to our customers across India.”

“3G and now 4G uptake in India is growing at a rapid rate and operators are in a race to launch new data-led features and services for their subscribers to use and enjoy,” said Dave Dial, VP International Sales, Accedian. “But operators’ new networks are increasingly complex, and implementing virtualized assurance will become essential if quality is to become the key differentiator over price.”

“We’re delighted to work with Jio as a pioneering operator, assuring the quality of its 4G services and helping ensure that Jio subscribers receive a first-class QoE on their mobile phones,” continued Dial.

The GTB Innovation Awards recognizes the industry’s most innovative and successful project partnerships between the operators and vendors over the last 12 months.