Virgin Media Mulls Mini-masts to Boost Home Wi-Fi Signal Strengths


Virgin Media is planning to roll out a paper-back book sized transceiver which will help laptops owners enhance their wireless network coverage.



According to The Guardian, the devices will help users access the mobile phone wireless connections used by their laptop dongles much more properly and give them proper Wi-Fi speeds.
The company plans to bid alongside mobile phone carriers for 4G spectrum in the auction which will take place sometime in 2012. BT is also expected to take part in the auction but is yet to announce its plans.
“As more pieces of equipment are going to use Wi-Fi and we get into video, there is a risk of the quality of service declining. It’s already happening in student halls of residence and hotels,” said Virgin Media strategy director Robert Samuelson.
The company plans to launch mini-masts, which are also known as femtocells, to enhance users’ Wi-Fi network. The devices will come with a range of 100 meters.
Mini-masts can also be used to enhance mobile phone networks in offices and places were there are a high number of devices connected to the network including restaurants and railway stations.