Why Video Will Dominate Networks By 2014


IT specialists, and business professionals alike, are always on the lookout for faster and more efficient means of communicating and engaging with their staff and customers.

Significant improvements in video technology have shifted the attention away from TV and social networking sites as the most prevalent medium for communication.
We all want to watch video on demand such as, BBC iPlayer or YouTube, which will be launching live channels in a matter of days . Business professionals not only use video in the commercial environment, such as video conferencing, but also to enhance customer experience or to conduct meetings in a cost and time effective manner. It is not just about communicating between offices anymore.
Today video is commonly deployed on the desktop and the majority of laptops come with built in video cameras. ITogether use Cisco WebEx, an online meeting application, every day, it integrates with our client database making it easier to support our customers and maintain relationships at no additional cost.
Video technology can be used in conjunction with desktops, laptops and Smartphones enabling businesses to connect instantly anywhere in the world. It has revolutionary features such as, desktop sharing between colleagues and recording mechanisms so members can catch up on presentations and product launches.
We’re using it at ITogether for video blogging, as an attention grabbing technique to reach our audiences with our opinions, the latest industry news and developments.
Video media has moved away from terrestrial, satellite or cable delivery, and onto the ‘network’. This will continue to push the ‘network’ to its limits, as we all want video on our desktop, and we want higher definition than is currently available today. For medical professional applications like medical and pharma require very high definition to facilitate examinations and the demand is set to expand industry wide.
Bring to the equation, the never ending demand for mobile technology; Smartphones are already compact with video features, and mobile video will be the next paradigm shift. Streaming live video whilst on a video call will be the next evolution