Delivery of PROFEPA 88 certificates to TELMEX for maximum level of environmental performance.


The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA) handed Telefonos de Mexico 88 Certificates of Environmental Quality with Level Environmental Performance 2 , for the highest level of environmental performance facilities located in Mexico City, Nuevo Leon, Jalisco, Querétaro and the State of Mexico.

In event headlined by the Federal Attorney General for Environmental Protection, Guillermo Haro Belchez, and the Director General of TELMEX, Hector Slim Seade, he highlighted the participation of TELMEX to join the National Environmental Audit Program (NEAP), and the commitment of company for its contribution in improving the environment.

Each Certificate of Environmental Quality is obtained through an audit in which the processes and operations of a service facility concerning safety, environmental risk, staff training and savings programs through environmental indicators (energy, water, waste are evaluated, air, noise and soil), compliance with applicable regulations, international parameters and good practices.

The owner of PROFEPA, Guillermo Haro, said that Teléfonos de México is a company that has walked alongside the National Environmental Audit Program (PNAA). He indicated that the first TELMEX certifications date back to 2007 and the last, from its first phase, to 2016, so it has managed to have 89 companies with current certificates.

Likewise, the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection delivered, for the first time, the Recognition of “ENVIRONMENTAL COMMITMENT” to TELMEX, due to the conclusion of the effort used in its environmental performance.

This recognition was given for the certification of its relevant facilities, as well as for applying an environmental strategy aimed at sustainability, as is the Environmental Performance Level 2.

It is recalled that from 2007 to 2016 Telmex has participated in the National Environmental Audit Program (NEAP) in certifications Performance Level 1 (Environmental Quality) and, in 2017, obtained certificates Environmental Quality Level Performance 2 (NDA2), the highest level of environmental compliance that a company can achieve, recognized by the federal government in its facilities.

This increases standards in operational controls, environmental indicators, processes, procedures, training and implementation of its Environmental Management System based on its Environmental Policy, administered in all its environmental and safety programs.

Telmex assumes the responsibility with society to work to maintain the ecological balance of nature. Therefore, its activities are strategically directed to sustainable development, involving personnel, customers and suppliers in the care of the environment.