AppFlood rides wave of developer demand, ramps up daily installs


AppFlood, the free user acquisition channel for cost-conscious Android developers, shared several strong signals today that its newest service continues to resonate with developers. 

Since its launch this July, AppFlood has been working for hundreds of advertisers and publishers looking to buy and sell installs with each other on the only commission-free install market. Developers keep up to thirty percent more with every transaction on AppFlood, which means more revenue for publishers and lower user acquisition costs for advertisers.

AppFlood’s pool of developers has grown so fast that it can now provide advertisers between 4,000 to 7,000 premium non-incentivized installs per app daily with an average 7-day retention rate of 30%. Advertisers have taken full advantage of AppFlood’s most effective ad formats (a more-games panel and full screen interstitial) to drive click-through rates as high as 45% and install rates as high as 37%. The recent surge of developers has meant the AppFlood pool is now generating up to 200,000,000 impressions every month with an average cost per install of USD$0.40 in September.

Due to the early success of AppFlood, Papaya has decided to roll out a Unity-compatible version of its SDK this month and devote significant engineering resources to expanding the product. Over the next several months AppFlood will roll out improved analytics, targeting, expanded ad formats, and an iOS version. PapayaMobile has also reiterated that AppFlood will remain available to applications of any genre and utility.

“We are blown away by the overwhelming success of AppFlood,” said Si Shen, CEO of PapayaMobile. “In less than three months this product has emerged as not only a game changer for our company, but also for the entire mobile apps industry. We are expanding and iterating at break-neck speed in order to become the market leader for cross-promotion by the end of this year.”