AT&T enlarges Hybrid Networking options globally for simplifying Network management and lower costs


AT&T* is making the AT&T SD-WAN – Network Based offer available in more than 150 countries and territories.1 We first launched it to select customers in the U.S. in 2017. Now, businesses around the globe can have more scalable, flexible networks by bringing software-defined networking closer to the customer edge.

Digital transformation is changing businesses in every industry. Businesses are demanding more bandwidth than ever before, to connect their data, applications and services in the cloud. Almost everything is interconnected. These trends are causing a fundamental shift in how we think about networking.

We’re uniquely positioned to help transform digital business models through edge-to-edge technologies like SD-WAN. We’re helping our business customers manage their networks more easily, providing them with the flexibility to mix and match connectivity based on their site-specific needs – application, performance and reliability.

For example, a large global company with thousands of locations is looking for a more cost-effective way to connect its employees to the internet. By creating a hybrid network, they can migrate half of their locations to AT&T SD-WAN – Network Based and dual broadband, while keeping the other locations on VPN. The company can maintain a single network from
AT&T without having to forklift their entire infrastructure and move it to SD-WAN all at once.

“Managing connectivity should be simple. We know businesses want to customize their networks as their needs evolve and technology changes. Our AT&T SD-WAN – Network Based solution delivers flexibility and scalability to help businesses optimize and align network performance, functions and costs,” said Roman Pacewicz, chief product officer, AT&T Business. “We can bring everything together edge-to-edge – from end points, to connectivity, to the cloud – wrapped in security.”

The AT&T SD-WAN – Network Based solution gives businesses the ability to manage a combination of multiple site types and varying reliability, performance and bandwidth needs, while preserving MPLS features. It’s also easy to adopt and integrate with AT&T NetBond® for Cloud.

Businesses can mix and match site types and connect AT&T VPN sites, internet protocol security sites and SD-WAN sites in a single VPN. This helps businesses deploy the solution at their own pace. Businesses can even deploy it as a virtualized function on a universal CPE, through the AT&T FlexWareSM platform.

As business customers move to SD-WAN, for some locations, they will opt to use broadband as part of their solution. AT&T can provide domestic and global broadband services for business customers in more than 55 countries and manage it as part of their overall SD-WAN solution.

SD-WAN is a key part of AT&T’s edge-to-edge portfolio. And in January 2018, AT&T was named a “Leader” in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Service Providers 2018 Vendor Assessment. 2

“AT&T has one of the most comprehensive enterprise portfolios. In fact, they have one of the only portfolios that truly spans edge-to-edge,” said Courtney Munroe, group vice president of Worldwide Telecommunications Research, IDC. “With AT&T SD-WAN – Network Based, AT&T has launched an industry leading offer that it’s implementing and scaling globally. AT&T is taking full advantage of its network virtualization efforts to broaden SD-WAN’s appeal to more businesses.”