Bulgaria’s ICN.BG launches state of the art communications services



ICN.BG, a leading provider of professional Virtual Private Server (VPS), Cloud Servers and full range of web hosting services, brings affordable, state of the art Unified Communications services to the Bulgarian market with their new cPanel service “ICN.BG Cloud Messaging”.

“ICN.BG Cloud Messaging” is an innovative suite of applications that provide powerful and professional quality communications tools to ICN.BG’s customers at extremely competitive prices, via their Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and Cloud services.

Incorporating instant messaging, calendar and address book sharing, email, mobile push, automated set up for iOS, Android and Apple OSX applications, and rich client applications for web browsers, Windows and Apple computers, “ICN.BG Cloud Messaging” leads the market in terms of features, flexibility and pricing.

“We are very excited about “ICN.BG Cloud Messaging”, says Julian Borislavov, CEO of ICN.BG, “For the first time we are able to offer powerful Unified Communications to all our customers in our virtualized data centres. We believe “ICN.BG Cloud Messaging” will appeal to all our customers, giving them professional communications capabilities at the click of a button, at a very affordable price.”

“ICN.BG Cloud Messaging” is powered by CommuniGate Systems Unified Communications platform, CommuniGate Pro and their open-source cPanel plugin, providing exceptional hardware efficiency and massive scalability in VPS environments without the need for external dedicated servers.