DISH Sets Data in Motion with Confluent, Unlocking the Power of the First 5G Smart Network


DISH Network Corporation is leveraging Confluent, Inc. for cloud-native data streaming with Apache Kafka, to facilitate real-time analytics applications on DISH’s new smart 5G network. DISH’s network will transform how people and enterprises leverage data, lowering friction to connect systems and deliver smarter solutions.

By harnessing data in motion with Confluent, DISH is creating a central network nervous system based on Kafka that connects all its customers, operations and network systems with data. With Confluent, DISH can deploy a cloud-native data architecture that harnesses and exposes data in a scalable and elastic manner, without the headaches of having to manually manage its infrastructure.

This data exposure and ecosystem allows DISH to leverage the best artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches and provide game-changing real-time intelligence to DISH and its enterprise customers. It will maximize performance, streamline dynamic behaviors, enhance the value of connectivity and enable much more than currently imaginable.

“The telecommunications industry is slow to embrace new, cloud-based technology and is saddled with legacy infrastructure,” said Marc Rouanne, executive vice president and chief network officer, DISH Wireless. “We have a competitive advantage by leveraging the power of data paradigms through cloud computing and data in motion. Working with leaders in data and infrastructure like Confluent and AWS enables us to build the most efficient and smart 5G network in the world.”

Setting Data in Motion at DISH
Data in motion is a key component of a modern data stack and is at the heart of DISH’s data platform. With Confluent Cloud, DISH has a connected system to run data-driven processes, like maintaining real-time inventory of microservices, supporting dynamic network security and monitoring mission-critical network parameters categories, to prevent network downtime or potential data loss. The more data DISH streams, analyzes and processes across its network, the faster the data converges and produces a true intelligently automated network with unparalleled performance and reliability.

“Organizations must set their data in motion in order to innovate and compete in today’s digital economy,” said Jay Kreps, Co-founder and CEO, Confluent. “Confluent enables DISH to create a central nervous system of its data to identify potential issues before they escalate. As more organizations like DISH continue to shift to modern cloud strategies, it is critical to ensure data can connect across any system, as well as maintain the flexibility and security to work across multi-cloud and hybrid environments.”