Fujitsu launches PRIMEQUEST servers in India


Fujitsu India announced the launch of the new PRIMEQUEST 1000 series high-performance mission-critical x86 server for enterprise database, application, cloud and virtualization environments.

Fujitsu PRIMEQUEST Servers have won accolades worldwide for their highest availability. With 2000+ installations in over 24 countries worldwide in demanding industries like Banking & Finance, Telecom, Manufacturing & Utilities, PRIMEQUEST is proving to be the best choice ever for database servers, ERP platforms, legacy modernization, virtualization platforms and HPC.
Speaking on the occasion, Mark Wilson, Senior Vice President, Fujitsu Technology Solutions, said, “PRIMEQUEST is the ultimate in open mission critical x86 servers. It is designed specifically using superior Fujitsu technology adapted from generations of enterprise class computing R&D. With no market equal it provides highly secure high-end server functions and performance in a truly open systems environment.”