GIE Télémedicine picks NextiraOne to link health professionals


NextiraOne, Europe’s leading expert in communications services, in collaboration with ISP Mobius Technology, has been selected by the GIE Télémedicine Group in the Indian Ocean Economique to provide secure communications for healthcare professionals and medical centres on the islands of Réunion and Mayotte. 

The GIE Télémedicine Group is an organisation that brings together the public and private health facilities and the majority of healthcare professionals on the two islands. It manages, on behalf of its members and with the financial support of the Health Agency of the Indian Ocean, a number of regional projects related to health information systems, contributing to the improvement of patient care and the coordination of care provision.
“Thanks to the work of NextiraOne and Mobius Technology, we will be able to complete our R2S project which aims to develop infrastructure and services necessary for the exchange of medical information between healthcare agents on Réunion and Mayotte. Our goal is to create a secure private communications network that will improve collaboration among healthcare professionals in the Indian Ocean and will support the development of the effective solutions and services which we offer to our members,” said Antoine Lerat, Director of GIE Télémedicine Group Indian Ocean. “The proposal from NextiraOne and Mobius Technology was the most competitive in terms of price related to quality, and we were impressed with the dedication and professionalism of both companies.”
Réunion is currently a pilot site for this project, with the establishment of a University Hospital across two main sites some 80 kilometres apart: the Saint-Denis and the Saint-Pierre. This is the newest University Hospital created in France. The merger of the two institutions, together with the geography and climate of the island – including periods of cyclone weather – are the challenges that the NextiraOne teams have had to face in completing the project. 
“Thanks to NextiraOne and the GIE Télémedicine project, the La Réunion hospitals at Saint-Denis and Saint-Pierre and eventually all healthcare professionals on the island will be able to benefit from many services, including video conferencing, telephone, internet access and remote maintenance of medical devices by external providers. There are more than 1500 users per site who will benefit from the 1Gbps high speed interconnection between the two institutions, the range of communications services and the 24-hour support,” adds Dominique Talandier, Deputy Director at the Directorate of Information Systems and Organisation of the Réunion University Hospital.
In order to facilitate seamless access to care and medical resources (including medical imaging) on the islands of Réunion and Mayotte, NextiraOne has implemented an MPLS network operated by supplier Mobius Internet Technology. The company has also implemented data communications services and created a directory of healthcare professionals and a medical portal that gives users access to the medical services proposed by NextiraOne.
NextiraOne has installed a high-availability Cisco 6509 infrastructure, a security system and Juniper SA 4500 SRX, along with a Polycom RMX Bridge 150 video conferencing system. The solution is completed with a conference server and CA VBP 5300 Firewall.
“We are delighted to be supporting GIE Télémedicine in the implementation of this project and helping to reduce the digital divide in the French overseas territories. The healthcare professionals and medical centres of Réunion and Mayotte will finally be able to benefit from high-speed Internet access and reliable shared data and to collaborate effectively with each other to improve their services to patients,” concludes Philippe Rousseau, CEO of NextiraOne for the Indian Ocean.