Horizon Call now available from Android, App Store


One Horizon Group, has announced that its Horizon Call mobile VoIP optimisation app has been launched into the Apple iTunes App Store and the Google Play store. This allows Tier 1 and Tier 2 network operators, MVNOs and internet service providers to download and experience the app. 

The Horizon Call app is based on the company’s SmartPacket™ technology, which reduces bandwidth consumption and latency to offer a higher quality of service compared to other mobile VoIP solutions. While most mobile VoIP solutions are restricted to WiFi, Horizon Call enables VoIP calls over GPRS, EDGE, 3G, 4G/LTE or WiFi, and is the only mobile VoIP solution to successfully connect over 2G.

Horizon’s low-bandwidth capabilities make the app up to ten times more efficient than standard SIP-based mobile VoIP solutions, providing more than thirty minutes of call time per megabyte of data. Owing to its efficient use of bandwidth, the app provides a better user experience, regardless of the network being used.

Horizon enables operators to compete with over-the-top services by optimising existing network resources and infrastructure. Horizon Call enables operators to retain mobile VoIP customers on their networks and revenue from PSTN breakout. The app is an entirely white labeled solution, making it unique to each operator and can also be configured for text or audio advertising. Other features of the app include three voice settings for quality and cost control, up-to-the-second data counter, short text messaging and the ability to send push-to-talk instant voice messaging directly from the app.

Commenting on the app listing, One Horizon Group’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Chris Moore, said, “Mobile network operators are under pressure to support an increasing number of smartphones running bandwidth-hungry apps over heavily congested networks. In addition, over- the- top VoIP services bypass the operator’s PSTN breakout and reduce their call revenues. Horizon Call is the ideal mobile VoIP solution because it protects an operator’s PSTN revenue and encourages customers to remain on its network by providing them with a better quality of service for VoIP. Including Horizon Call in both the Apple and Android app stores makes it easier for operators to try out the app so that they can start offering this as a service to their customers.” he continued.