Most operator bills over £500k are incorrect by up to 40%


Data Track Technology are looking for companies who spend £500k plus on their phone bills. Research has shown that these organisations could be paying between 8% and up to 40% more on their phone bills than they should. 

The Telecoms Expense Management (TEMs) service from Data Track can help to ensure that an organisation is being charged accurately. The service correlates an organisation’s physical telecommunications assets and agreed tariff rates and compares them to the invoices from one or more providers. Average reductions of 20% – 30% on telecoms expenses have been seen using the service over the first 12 months alone.
Providing the telecoms industry for over 30 years, Data Track can use their knowledge and expertise to recommend tools and solutions that can result in large sums of money being saved. Even companies that don’t spend £500k a year have the potential to save money. Data Track offers the Telecoms Cost Savings service. Taking advantage of modern call management systems, Data Track analysts can perform a review of how the telecoms infrastructure is being used. Identifying areas of over provisioning or better suited tariffs, that could result in large savings.
Head of Sales and Marketing, Michael Owen comments “We regularly receive feedback that clients regain control and are grateful to save money. We’re happy to work with any telecoms operator or call management system but we also have our own software capabilities when required.”. The Telecoms Cost Savings report can be ready within a week and is already impacting on the global economy’s status.