Pegasystems Releases New Generative AI Tool for Enterprise App Development


Global software company Pegasystems has unveiled Pega GenAI Blueprint, a generative AI-based collaborative application designed to speed up the app design process.

Pega GenAI Blueprint, available for early adopters, equips business leaders to transform app ideas into interactive ‘application blueprints’ for easy understanding and collaboration among stakeholders.

The process involves users describing the app’s purpose, with Pega GenAI Blueprint guiding them through workflow elements, capturing feedback, and facilitating collaboration. The Pega GenAI engine leverages industry knowledge to design optimised application blueprints, encompassing workflow processes, data models, and integrations. Once finalised, the blueprint integrates seamlessly into the Pega Platform, creating an enterprise-grade, cloud-architected workflow application.

The tool offers benefits such as agile workflow design, drawing on Pega GenAI’s ability to suggest optimal designs from simple descriptions. It synthesises the company’s extensive repository of workflow best practices, providing a nearly complete design starting point. Rapid app deployment follows the finalisation of the blueprint, with further modifications easily handled within the tool.

“The benefits of generative AI extend to developers and end-users, improving productivity through query-based interactions, automatic summarisation, and streamlined case lifecycle generation,” Deepak Visweswaraiah, vice president, of platform engineering and site managing director, Visweswaraiah told AIM, in a previous conversation.