POS TUNING chooses Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise technology to simplify IT operations and reduce network management burden


POS TUNING, a leading manufacturer of automated shelf management systems and product presentation systems, has deployed a state-of-the-art Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise wireless infrastructure and enterprise-wide network management to simplify IT management of the company’s network. The virtualized WLAN solution is based on a next-generation controller-less architecture where smart access points use distributed control intelligence to manage themselves.

This innovative approach to WLAN infrastructure means lower CAPEX costs, improved scalability, and decreased latency and bottlenecking – enhancing mobility and enabling staff to provide more effective and responsive service to its major retail customers worldwide. The Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess® Stellar wireless solution facilitates faster, more secure connectivity at administrative facilities in Bad Salzuflen, and following its successful deployment, will be rolled out to its production halls and warehouse.

The Alcatel-Lucent OmniVista® 2500 Network Management System and the Alcatel-Lucent ProActive Lifecycle Management solution enable advanced monitoring of the company’s entire network infrastructure and management of all networked devices through a single web-based interface. Together, these simplify IT management and allow POS TUNING IT staff to easily keep track of network health, device condition and capacity, lifecycle, warranty and latest release notes for the product’s operating system. The solution, implemented by long-standing ALE business partner Nachrichtentechnik Bielefeld GmBH, also includes secure guest management, a special feature linking unified management and Stellar wireless user services.

René Sczyrba, Head of IT at POS TUNING Udo Voßhenrich GmbH & Co. KG
“The time savings gained, and the simplification of the work involved in setting up, managing, monitoring and optimizing the network not only inspire us as IT specialists, but also pleases our corporate management with the increase in efficiency. As our network infrastructure expands to support our growth, it is important that we make the technology as streamlined and manageable as possible. The new solution delivers just that.”

Henrik Ammelounx, Account Manager, Nachrichtentechnik Bielefeld GmbH
“Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise wireless solutions easily meet the current demands of POS TUNING and our other customers. But more than that, they promise to satisfy future requirements in the areas of network security, employee mobility or the connection of IoT devices. A Unified Management and distributed control solution eliminates the previously required controller from wireless deployment architectures, offering many potential benefits to organizations and their IT departments.”

Alexandra Biebel, Head of Marketing & Communications, ALE
“Businesses of all sizes are looking to simplify their IT management to counter the influx of new devices connecting to networks. The successful deployment of OmniAccess Stellar access points for POS TUNING demonstrates how easy it is to increase bandwidth and simplify IT without limiting the options for future expansion. With our NMS and lifecycle management solutions POS TUNING can manage its LAN and WLAN infrastructure and connected operations from a central hub. This saves time, simplifies IT operations and makes network operations more efficient.”

POS TUNING Udo Voßhenrich GmbH & Co. KG manufactures functional elements for higher visibility and efficiency in retail shelves and freezers and is developing more and more into a provider of holistic innovative point of sale (POS). Our solutions ensure all products are always visible and within reach, creating a better shopping experience – and ultimately leading to higher shopper satisfaction and customer loyalty.