Safaricom accelerates Web browsing with Mobixell


Mobixell Networks, a leading global provider of intelligent mobile Internet solutions, announced today that Safaricom, the largest integrated communications service provider in Kenya, has deployed Mobixell Seamless Access as its mobile data traffic management solution. This new implementation plays a key role in Safaricom’s strategy to offer the best available user experience with faster access to data services for its 19 million subscribers.

Mobixell Web acceleration technology is a part of the Mobixell Seamless Access mobile multi-service platform which also offers industry leading video optimization and value added data services. Seamless Access is integrated into the operator’s wireless core network to accelerate the browsing response and page load times for Internet content and services. For mobile users this means an enhanced browsing experience while Safaricom can manage valuable mobile network resources more efficiently. Mobixell is also providing Safaricom with advanced content filtering capabilities which enable Safaricom users to protect their mobile devices from adult or other offensive web content.

“We are committed to providing the best possible experience for our customers and we’ve turned to Mobixell to help us to do that,” said Thibaud Rerolle, Director Technology & IT, Safaricom. “Our customers will now have faster access to data services faster and at the same time will be able to protect their families from unsuitable content. Together with Mobixell, we will continue to enhance Safaricom’s network performance.”

Noam Green, Mobixell VP Marketing, added, “Web access, and particularly faster browsing response time, is a key differentiator for operators in a competitive marketplace. Mobixell Seamless Access Web acceleration helps operators to stand apart by providing a superior user experience. That performance boost is especially important for operators such as Safaricom where subscribers rely heavily on the mobile network for Internet access.”