SK Broadband and Swit Enter Partnership to Innovate Company Culture


Josh Lee, CEO of Swit Technologies Inc., and Choi Jin-hwan, CEO of SK Broadband, have signed a commitment between the two companies for an investment of 4 million USD into Swit. 

SK Group is the second largest corporate group in Korea by asset size after Samsung Group, and SK Telecom ranks first in wireless communications. SK Broadband and SK Telecom have been making strategic investments in the global collaboration platform market. They are working in partnership with Swit, a Work OS that shows fast growth and immense potential in this sector. The investment is expected to revolutionize the way people work.

Effective immediately, SK Broadband and Swit will organize a dedicated team for joint sales and marketing, and Swit’s service will be provided to all SK Broadband clients and companies interested in innovating their workflow and accelerating the digital transformation of their companies.

The investment by SK Broadband shows its enthusiasm to work with Swit to actively target the hybrid work market, which has seen increased demand amid the pandemic.

Lee Bang-yeol, Vice President at SK Broadband confirmed, “This partnership will be a great opportunity for SK Broadband and its clients to establish a more productive work environment and foster a company culture that re-humanizes work.”

“The pandemic has caused a fundamental change in how businesses function and there has been a surge in inquiries about work management from mid-sized and large enterprises. As hybrid work environments become more common, they pose their own set of challenges that Swit’s Work OS has been designed to handle with ease. With the strategic partnership with SK Broadband, Swit will lead the digital transformation of companies in Korea.” Swit’s co-founder Josh Lee said.

Swit is a one-of-a-kind, enterprise-level SaaS solution that provides company-wide collaboration and project management. It was named to G2’s ’Best Software List’ in project management. Swit was also selected as number one in Meets Requirements, Ease of Use, and Ease of Admin out of global software.