Skydroid Allows Android Device to Take On Windows 8 OS Features


Google’s Android has no doubt emerged as one of the most popular mobile OS platforms today. One of the driving factors behind its massive popularity is the fact that the platform allows handset makers to tweak the default UI anyway they want to.

But Microsoft’s forthcoming Windows 8 OS platform, made available for tablet computers and mobile phones, is likely to also have a highly attractive metro-look UI. For Android users, the look of Windows 8 OS can be adopted in Android devices without compromising with the functionality or customisable options provided by Google in the original edition.
A few developers have created Skydroid which provides the best of both worlds. It has the latest launcher, icons, wallpapers and apps – Skydroid is aimed to make the Android device a Windows 8 lookalike OS.
This latest Skydroid OS is not a copy of Windows 8, but instead, is highly inspired by the look of its UI. It will replace basic apps like dialer, email, gallery, calendar, text message, browser, camera, alarm and many more that makes it a combination of Android and Windows 8, reports Ubergizmo.
At present, Skydroid is under development – just a picture of the launcher designed for it has been released. Users may have to wait some time before the final build is ready. If rumours are to be believed, then late March or beginning April will see its release.