Surf Telecoms provides Cornwall College with high speed WAN


Surf Telecoms, a leading communications provider, announced today that it has won a four-year contract to provide Wide Area Network (WAN) communications services to Cornwall College in the UK. The network provided by Surf Telecoms both increases the capacity of the existing infrastructure and extends the services between multiple sites in Cornwall and up to Worcester in the Midlands.

Cornwall College is one of the UK’s largest further education colleges with over 45,000 students and 2,800 staff. Its Wide Area Network provided by Surf will run all the communications services to all sites and support the applications of both its main and backup datacentres over a resilient ring topology.

“Surf Telecoms has provided us with robust and secure Wide Area Network services to facilitate all our internal voice, data and video services with connectivity to all 13 sites. We are able to provide full campus communications services to all sites at a fixed low cost. The infrastructure provided by Surf enables even the smallest facility to run training remote courses over IP telephony without the incremental charges from a carrier”. said Steve Cant Head of IT and Systems.

The work to provision this network has now been completed and services are live. The project delivers a 1Gb core network infrastructure where necessary and high bandwidth 100Mg connections to all the sites in the Cornwall College Group.

The network contract is designed to support the growing demand for communications traffic and was won in an open public tender. The project was delivered on time and has met all the needs for potential increases in capacity.

Steve Cant, Head of IT and Systems at the Cornwall College Group said: “The new network services provided by Surf Telecoms have enabled us to ensure we have the capacity to meet an increasing demand. Working with Surf has been a positive experience. Their team on this project has been very responsive to our needs.

Surf have worked with our changing needs and have had the flexibility to adapt to our requirements both meeting tight deadlines and linking in our remotest sites”.