The first edition of Telematics Conference in Dubai


Telematics Conference Middle East & Africa, the only telematics conference and exhibition in the region, will take place on 12 March 2015 in Dubai (United Arab Emirates). This year’s topic: Telematics as a value added service in fleet management in the Middle East and Africa.

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The Future of Telematics in the Middle East and Africa region

This March, global and regional telematics players will gather in Dubai to network, exhibit, and share knowledge at the first Telematics Conference Middle East & Africa. The main event focusing on telematics for fleet management in the region will host 150+ delegates, among them: telematics solution providers, commercial vehicle tracking services, navigation and digital map developers, smart sensorand HW manufacturers, M2M providers, government institutions, logistics and transport companies.

Besides presenting global trends and regional development in the industry, carefully selected speakers will highlight the importance of smart fleets and integrated solutions. Participants will learn how integrated solutions can help increase the value added in telematics and how telematics solution providers can implement additional smart equipment for their products and services to deliver the best value added to their clients – esp. transport and logistics companies. The conference will address the current situation and future trends in the sector, with presenters from the following companies: Etisalat, Huawei, Telogis, Arvento, Location Solutions, Omnicomm, and Teltonika.

Doing telematics business in Middle East & Africa

This year, special insights from companies working in Middle Eastern and African regions will be shared by: EthemEldem, senior director, M2M services at Etisalat, one of the leadingtelecommunications companies in the region; AlparslanKurtulus, deputy general manager, international operations and business development at the Turkish company Arvento; and Zaim Z. Azrak, CEO from Location Solutions – Middle East.

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The first Telematics Conference Middle East & Africa will be held on 12 March 2015 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The only telematics-focused conference and exhibition will host 150+ delegates from all over the world. The conference in Dubai will highlight telematics as a value added service in fleet management in the region, with special focus on telematics for commercial vehicles, smart fleets, and integrated solutions. The conference will also offer great insight into the current and future development of the industry in the region. With carefully selected speakers from different segments of global and local telematics, with many networking possibilities, and with 13 exhibitors, the event guarantees the best business opportunity for all companies interested in telematicsin the Middle East and Africa.