Think&Go launch the “Bumpp” Connected Screen for smartwatches including the Apple Watch


Following on from their NFC-Connected Screens, T&G broaden the range of possible customer experiences with connected screens by allowing interaction with all connected objects including smartwatches and all smartphones.

Tuesday 7th October 2014 Marseille France –Think&Go ( ) are launching their patented “Bumpp” Connected Screen specifically designed to create new consumer experiences by communicating with smartwatches and all smartphones. The “Bumpp” Connected Screen allows consumers to access information anywhere on a screen just by tapping on the image of their choice which means that digital signage can now be a personalized content distribution mechanism for smartwatches and smartphones. See a video of the Bumpp Screen in action with a smartwatch.

A screen for everyone

The Bumpp Screen is the latest in the suite of Connected Screens produced by Think&Go coming after the NFC-Connected Screen launched and patented in 2013 and winner of numerous innovation awards. The NFC-Screen communicates with NFC smartphones and NFC cards (transport, payment, loyalty) as well as with all NFC objects (access control, passports, bracelets). The new generation Bumpp Screen interacts with smartwatches and all smartphones including any iPhone. These technologies can be combined so that consumers can interact with the most appropriate object according to the circumstances: a transport card in many major cities, a payment card when in a bank, a smartwatch when shopping.

From Impulse to personalized transaction in less than one second

The key feature of these connected screens is the simplicity and rapidity of use. From the moment a product catches the eye on a screen to the moment when information is captured on one’s personal connected objects takes less than one second allowing for a high rate of conversion in impulse buying.

Where the Bumpp Screen can be used: mCommerce, tourism, couponing

The uses for Bumpp technology are extremely varied, creating attractive experiences for consumers, increasing loyalty, implementing Drive-to-Store, m-commerce and product information. Unibail Rodamco are testing it for  Drive-to-Store shopping malls, l’Institut de la Vision for the partially sighted,and Orange, Telecom Italia, Hexagones Initiative, … in their respective domains

Connected Shop Windows

The technology patented in the Bumpp screens open wide horizons and the first extension is to interactive shop windows which allows retailers the opportunity to make their shop windows a communication channel via smartphones and smartwatches, and to transform them into distributors of information, coupons and other connected shopping activities.


Bumpp screens can be seen at l’Echangeur in Paris and at the International RFID Congress in Marseille 7-8 October.

About Think&Go

Think&Go develops Retail Mobile-Web Marketing solutions using Proximity technologies – NFC and BLE – and connected Objects (multi-awarded & patented Dynamic NFC-Screens, specialised NFC-BLE devices). From Home to Street to Store, T&G solutions allow retailers to provide new consumer journeys with personalised experiences according to how close they are to a store, an aisle or even an individual product.

In addition to packaged solutions for retail (NFC-Shopping), and Connected Objects solutions (NFC-Connect), T&G can use their experience of proximity technologies, mobile app and client server application development to deliver bespoke solutions.

Think&Go NFC have offices in Marseille, Sophia Antipolis, Paris and Singapore.

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