Transmode launches mobile fronthaul solution for C-RAN rollouts


Transmode, a global supplier of packet-optical networking solutions, today announced the company’s new Mobile Fronthaul solution to support mobile operators rolling out C-RAN architectures. 

As data capacity in networks continues to rise at an exponential rate, mobile operators are looking at new architectures that can help them reduce cost, simplify networks and share resources to match the dynamic nature of mobile networks. Also, power and space are an increasingly scarce resource at cell sites and the total power bills are considerable. One recent trend by mobile operators to address these challenges is the move to Cloud-RAN, or C-RAN, architectures. C-RAN involves moving some parts of the radio network control function from being co-located with the antenna at the cell site, to locations deeper in the network. This introduces a new transmission network into the overall mobile network infrastructure – Mobile Fronthaul – carrying the CPRI protocol between the antenna and these locations.

To support this new network architecture, Transmode has launched the Mobile Fronthaul solution. Transmode’s suite of active and passive WDM mobile fronthaul architectures are ideal in these applications due to the company’s well proven strengths in synchronisation and transparent transport, its low power and low latency capabilities. The solution is available now and are already generating considerable interest among existing and potential customers.

“Fronthaul networks and the CPRI protocol are very sensitive to latency and require very good synchronisation performance, both well-established strengths of Transmode. Operators across the globe are looking at C-RAN and Fronthaul as a way of addressing spiralling power consumption costs in cell sites and also to address the dynamic nature of mobile users,” said Sten Nordell, Transmode’s Chief Technology Officer. “Using C-RAN as a way of dynamically allocating radio resources across multiple antennas helps these operators get the most from their network investments. Fronthaul networks are a key enabler to reaching this goal but these networks require outstanding performance in terms of power consumption, density, latency and data/sync transparency.”

Transmode’s unique solution for Mobile Fronthaul include two alternative TM-Series based active options for protected CPRI low-latency transport – one using transparent transponders and another providing additional management and FEC capabilities and a TG-Series based passive WDM option which also offers network protection.