Turkey’s first domestic high-tech smart phone, the Turkcell T40


Turkcell, the leading technology and communication company in Turkey, continues to develop and invest in Turkey with its latest debut, the first local smart phone the ‘Turkcell T40’.

Turkcell has sold nearly 1 million T-series smart phones to date, and its newest smart phone has been developed exclusively by Turkish designers and engineers. With HD quality sound, advanced camera features, a new generation dual-core processor and a 4-inch display for a price that everyone can afford, the T40 will be available to consumers by the end of September 2013.

Turkcell had announced that it was taking the step towards developing a smart phone for the first time in February at the World Mobile Congress held in Barcelona. The smart phone, which was given the code name “Gebze”, came into production phase within 6 months after completing all design and software developments. The Turkcell T40 was developed at Turkcell’s R&D base Turkcell Technology, and draws attention for its distinguished features and design. With its superior HD audio quality, the Turkcell T40 also provides better sound quality for multimedia applications, and features an advanced camera that turns experiences into impressive photos and videos. The interface designed specifically for the T40 promises to simplify the day to day lives of its users.

Turkcell Chief Executive Officer Sureyya Ciliv said that, “People’s trust in the Turkcell brand has once more become apparent with the interest that has been shown to the T series phones, which were named after our company. The T series journey began with a vision of equal of opportunities to mobile internet, and since then, Turkcell has sold nearly 1 million T-series smart phones, thereby contributing 500 million TL to the economy. Now we are taking this goal even further with Turkey’s first Smart phone developed by Turkish engineers. With a special interface designed according to the habits of Turkish users, and a price that gives everyone the ability to access Turkcell’s rich mobile application world, users will be one step ahead, and able to reach information anywhere at any time. Looking at the first six months of 2013, compared to the same period of last year we see an increase of 7%, to 6.2 million mobile phones being imported. In the first half of 2013 there was also an increase of 11% in the number of mobile phones that are brought in from abroad by travelers. With a large part of these imported phones being smart phones, our aim should be to ease the burden on the current account deficit. Today, Turkey has one of the world’s best mobile communications infrastructures. As the number of mobile Internet users’ increases, the preference towards smart phones will increase. We should be able to develop high-tech smart phones with our local and human resources. Our aim with the Turkcell T40 is to encourage others in the sector to also develop a local smart phone, thereby contributing to the Turkish economy. I would like to thank all those who have taken part, and I sincerely wish that the T40 brings even further success for Turkcell.”

T40 Features:

• Turkcell T40 makes a difference with the special Android interface developed by Turkish engineers, a back case that has Turkish touches, sound designs and an “icon display” that helps Turkish people to easily access the applications they use most during the day.

• The “lock screen” of the Turkcell T40 allows you to see unread messages, missed calls, and your e-mails without unlocking the screen, and allows one-touch answering. The “icon display”, consisting of 9 icons, contains shortcuts to Favorite Contacts, Often used Applications, Messaging, E-mail, Photos, integrated cloud application, Facebook, Calendar and Search. The message, alarm, bell and other sounds of the T40 carry a feeling that is particular to Turkey.

• With its HD sound feature the device, with a clear and intelligible voice transmission to attain a better sound experience, also stands out in conference calls and voice recognition systems. T40’s Noise Cancellation feature moves one step further in advanced sound technology: The “Dual Microphone” microphone solution, one microphone takes the user’s voice and transmits this in the best quality while the other detects and filters out background noise. With the device’s SRS Certified Surround Sound Technology, Multimedia applications such as Turkcell TV, Turkcell Music and Fizy are supported with excellent sound quality.

• Together with a front camera that allows video calls, the device has a 5 MP Flash back camera, and with its advanced features and Zero-Shutter Delay every moment may be captured. The camera of the Turkcell T40 also features Face Detection, a function to take photos in HDR quality and Automatic Scene Recognition.

• The Turkcell T40 has a 4GB built-in memory and weighs only 135 grams. It also has a Qualcomm 1.2 GHz dual-core processor and a screen size of 4 inches. It operates on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. The battery of the device that has been designed with a Turkcell interface provides up to 240 hours of stand-by time, or 480 minutes of talk time. Turkcell T40 incorporates NFC, and offers WiFi Offload support on all spots where the Turkcell Network is supported.