World’s First multi-point NFC&iBeacon Connected Screen for advanced Drive-to-Store Digital Signage


Proximity Solutions start-up Think & Go is introducing itsNext Gen NFC-iBeacon Connected Screen at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona 24-27 February.

Building on the success of its famous Dynamic NFC-Screen*, launched 1 year ago and awarded 7 major international awards in 2013, Think&Go enhances the capacity of its Connected Screen to include multi-pointNFC-Readers and Connected iBeacon/BLE modules.

Connected Screens allow users to interact with imagesat the very place where they are displayed using contactless cards and NFC smartphones. For example by placing a card on a product shown in a video, a user could pick up the details of that product. The type of interactions include picking up coupons, buying products, grabbing the contact details of a restaurant, automatically sending a request for information by email, sending a delivery address for purchases, or sending a ID to access a loyalty account.

The use of iBeacon and BLE modules create additional interactions based the user’s distance from the screen and the content currently displayed.

“Perfect for e-Commerce/Commerce or Digital Signage, this Next Gen NFC-iBeacon Connected Screenprovides an unlimited Convergence between Screens & Phones/Cards, for use in Stores, Malls, Train Stations, Airports, and Banks, … ”, comments Vincent Berge, CEO of Think&Go, “ transformingInformation Screens to Revenue Generator Screens(for owners), andtrue Impulse Content Distributor for consumers”.

Screens connect to NFC Cards, NFC Phone, and iPhone, or Passport

Taking advantage of the multi-point NFC Readers and Connected iBeacon/BLE, this Next Gen Connected Screen interacts with the widest range of connected objects, including NFC-Phones, iPhones, NFC cards (Payment or Transport), NFC Loyalty cards, and even Passports!

You can see a quick preview of the screen here:

A full Drive-to-Store platform

In addition to the NFC-iBeacon Connected Screen, Think&Go includes a full Drive-to-Store platform that allows Retailers to upload multiple Offers (Coupons, Tickets, Reservations, VIP Offers) that will be distributed by the Screen following criteria such as location, timing, day of the week, or weather.

Consumers pickup multiple offers by simply approaching any of their personal Connected Objects to the offers – on screen -, using alternatively NFC Cards, or NFC Phones, or iPhones.

ClearingCoupons at Point Of Sales

For clearing thesecoupons at the PointofSales, Think&Go proposes on-line and off-line solutions. Think&Go have selected Famoco NFC device for the coupon redemption using any personal Connected Objects.

A Full Suite with Think&Go NFC-Shopping integration

The Next Gen NFC-iBeacon Connected Screen is also seamlessly integrated with multi-award winning T&G NFC-Shopping. Whether distributing coupons, products, or specific contents including recipes, consumerscan now grab contents directly from the screen foruse on their NFC phones – buying productsdirectly or storing coupons or adding ingredients to shopping listfrom the recipe.

“This Next Gen NFC-iBeacon Connected Screen is opening a revolution in Digital Signage big time”, adds Tim Baker, Marketing Director at Think&Go, ”It opens the way to impulse buying using Phones or Cards meaning thatDigital Signage will move from Pay-for-Time to a results drivenPay-per-Click business model”.

Visitors to the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona 23-27 February 2014 can see demonstrations at Think&Go’s booth(Hall 5 Stand 5B41)

A small number of Next Gen NFC-iBeacon Connected Screens will be deployed for selected customers in early Q1-Q2 2014 with production volumes planned for Q4 2014.

For more information:

NFC-Shopping® is a registered trademark of Think&Go NFC S.A.S.

*Dynamic NFC-Screen: Patent Pending.