Statement of Michael Powell, President & CEO, NCTA – “Restoring Internet Freedom” Draft Order


“We fully support Chairman Pai’s effort to restore the ‘light touch’ regulatory approach that proved so successful in driving the growth and development of our internet economy. In 2015, the FCC unjustifiably departed from two decades of bipartisan consensus and imposed 1930s-era, utility-style regulation on the internet.

It did so without any evidence that ISPs were degrading or interfering with internet access. And unless corrected, this unprecedented shift risks stifling innovation, costing jobs, and casting a pall over the investment needed to drive the rapid expansion of next-generation networks to every corner of America. For that reason, we welcome today’s announcement and efforts by the Commission to restore its proven Title I framework.

“An open internet is deeply rooted in consumers’ expectations. For the better part of two decades, our companies have built services that meet those expectations and satisfy their customers’ desire to visit any lawful website or run any lawful application. The draft order will not change how our companies view the freedoms intrinsic to internet service, but critically, it will correct the prior FCC’s mistake in relying on an outdated framework that elevates government micromanagement over market innovation and growth.”

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